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Control arms make steering solid and sturdy by stabilising the wheel.
They reduce vibration and uncontrolled movement whilst driving. 


Top quality & highly resistant suspension parts by MOOG®


Our top-of-the-range suspension parts perform better and last longer. They are designed to be long-lasting and feature our advanced and innovative electrostatic coating to better withstand exposure to severe road conditions such as water, snow, stones and gravel.

High-performance features

  • Track-control and wishbone arms made of quality pressed steel, aluminium, forged steel or cast iron material.
  • All sheet metal wishbones and control arms coated with our advanced cataphoresis electrostatic coating. This innovative coating is resistant to rust, resilient to impact and also, the most environmentally friendly coating technique on the market.
  • MOOG® aluminium track control arms also go through rigorous testing to ensure no bushing ejection issues occur. 

FACT : MOOG® was the first brand to introduce cataphoresis coating on all sheet metal wishbone and control arms.


Quick-look benefits


Stronger steel and improved radial deflection


Induction hardened studs and sand blasting


New synthetic grease and hybrid core technology


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